85-year-old man’s marriage to 15-year-old in Saudi Arabia

An online video showing the wedding party of 85-year-old groom and 15-year-old bride went viral on Thursday and attracted many reactions on the social networking site Twitter.
The person who uploaded the video said that the husband, named Sulaiman Al-Rashidi, is 85 years old and the bride is just 15. He pointed out that the wedding party was a traditional simple one, and that the guests paid the costs of the party.
However, many Twitter users shared a tweet by Rashidi’s son that his father is 74 years old and his bride is 37 years old, not a minor.
“Anyone marrying a minor to another person, or anyone getting married to a minor girl should be punished, imprisoned or pay a fine,” Tareq Al-Omary tweeted.
“Just one of many painful examples of exploiting women; he is 70 years her senior,” Halima Muzaffar wrote on her Twitter page.
Ahmed Al-Hashimi tweeted, “They have sentenced you to death. I wonder what he will call you: A daughter or a servant.”
Heba Mubarak said the video is the modern image of female infanticide in the twenty-first century.

Source: www.arabnews.com

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