Interesting wedding in Dubai: 160 couples got married on the same day

Mass weddings in the UAE provide youth planning to tie the knot an ideal solution to start their married life without getting into debt and loans by trying to organise big ceremonies.

Mass weddings also let them celebrate the happy occasion in style without bearing heft costs to arrange for lavish parties for just one night.

Most importantly, group weddings help couples contribute towards strengthening social solidarity.

Established as a unique Emirati tradition, group weddings are being promoted by the Marriage Fund which, thanks to full backing from the country’s leaders and sheikhs, has been offering the effective solution to keep women away from falling into spinsterhood and men from running away from marriage.

The latest such wedding is due next Saturday in Al Ain City where 160 couples will tie the knot in Al Khabisi Hall.

Along with other national institutions, the Marriage Fund, established in 1992, also helps spread the tradition of group weddings to other countries enabling couples to make their dream of a big night come true with a white wedding dress and a bisht – men’s long dark cloak that goes over the traditional white robe.

One of the participants says, debts usually result in issues between newlyweds soon after their big night.

He further says that mass weddings also encourage Emirati men to marry Emirati women.

Another young man, who was involved in a mass wedding, says he was spared from financial and psychological burden. He even calls for “changing the culture of society to curb what he calls ‘a blind imitation of others”.


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